Global Network of Local Investment Professionals

Successful investment outcomes in emerging markets require local sources of insight and information complemented by a global perspective and network.

Expertise Across the Risk / Reward Spectrum

Capabilities across asset classes, as well as public and private markets, enables a comprehensive view of capital markets in developing economies and the ability to identify promising investment opportunities.

Comprehensive Operational Infrastructure

TRG’s business management team, encompassing IR & Business Development, Legal & Compliance, Finance & Accounting, Operations & Technology and Risk Management, allows the investment teams to focus on core activities.

Annual PPP GDP Growth (current international $bn)

Annual PPP GDP Growth

Source: International Monetary Fund World Economic Outlook Database April 2017, TRG Management LP calculations

The Rohatyn Group

Global Perspective
Local Insights

TRG is a corps of emerging market specialists committed to providing our investors with a head start in capturing the enormous potential of these economies by focusing on areas of structural inefficiency and special opportunity.

Key Numbers As of December 2017

Investment Strategies

Traditional forms of exposure to emerging markets as well as customized solutions

Since inception, TRG has built out its expertise in a full range of emerging market investment disciplines. The Firm’s multi-product line construct is designed to support information flow and business efficiency, creating synergies across strategies that enhance overall performance. TRG leverages these resources to offer investors both traditional forms of exposure to emerging markets as well as customized solutions in the form of bespoke mandates or separately managed accounts.

The Case for Emerging Markets

Higher Growth Potential

Emerging economies continue to offer far higher growth potential than developed economies.

Based on gross domestic product forecasts.
Source: International Monetary Fund World Economic Outlook Database April 2017.

Abundant Alpha Opportunities

Focusing solely on EM growth and beta is a missed opportunity – market inefficiencies remain more prevalent than in developed markets presenting robust opportunities to generate alpha, whether that be exploiting relative value differentials between monetary policy decisions of individual countries or helping emerging market corporations expand beyond their domestic markets via private equity stakes.

Dynamic and Diverse

Emerging markets are incredibly dynamic and diverse – whatever an investor’s return, risk and liquidity profile, emerging markets offer numerous unique return streams that enrich any portfolio.

Market coverage

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