The Firm has been built on four guiding principles

Dedicated Emerging Markets Focus

As the fastest growing economies in the world, emerging markets offer great potential for growth of capital. Shifting economic and capital market developments and idiosyncratic circumstances in each individual market offer many opportunities to add alpha. Given the intricacies of investing in these markets, a dedicated focus allows for the most robust outcome.

Global and Local Presence and Access

Successful investment outcomes in emerging markets require local sources of insight and information complemented by a global perspective and network. Additionally, broad country coverage of the full spectrum of emerging market countries increases the likelihood of generating unique investment ideas.

Disciplined Investment Process

A well-defined investment process creates predictability and fosters transparency. Discipline in process and a focus on risk management are particularly important in emerging markets, which remain more vulnerable to downturns than developed markets.

Comprehensive Operational Infrastructure

TRG’s asset management investment services are supported by a robust business management platform with specialized expertise in risk management, legal and compliance, operations and custody, marketing, investor relations and information technology. The approach to each aspect of our business is deliberately conservative.