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TRG pursues a multi-asset class discretionary global macro investment approach based upon both cyclical macroeconomic themes as well as market dislocation and re-rating opportunities.

Emerging markets present frequent opportunities to capture large price changes across asset classes, countries and market environments due to:

  • the diversity of economic and political regimes,
  • more frequent dislocations, and
  • greater market inefficiencies

The team is led by three Partners, each with over 20 years of EM investment experience acquired through several economic cycles and over 10 years of experience managing macro strategies together. The seasoned research and trading team has strong local information networks.

The multidisciplinary composition of investment team engenders rich idea generation as it brings together emerging and global markets investment and trading expertise in debt, currency, equity and derivative products. The investment team’s skill set encompasses the ability to analyze both macro-economic and corporate investment opportunities.