Forestry and Agriculture

Investment Strategies

TRG Forestry & Agriculture (formerly the business of GMO Renewable Resources)[1]On December 15, 2017, TRG Management LP acquired the business of GMO Renewable Resources, LLC. is comprised of a seasoned team of rural land investment professionals and is dedicated to the acquisition and sustainable management of globally diversified portfolios of timberland and/or farmland for the benefit of its clients. Employing a value-oriented approach, TRG seeks to invest in assets at prices reflecting biological yield and productive capacity of the land and seeks to manage those investments for the long term.


With experience in managing both plantations and natural forests, softwoods and hardwoods, U.S. and international operations, TRG professionals are skilled at developing and managing a diverse group of timber investments. The business has invested in the U.S. in forests in Arkansas, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington, and internationally in Australia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Panama and Uruguay.

At TRG, we balance a strong capacity to generate deal flow with strict investment discipline and a focus on the productivity of the forest resource. We seek to acquire well-located, investment grade forests that meet return targets. We augment our own proprietary deal contacts with a network of alliances and relationships with a variety of entities, including multi-national forestry companies, local forest managers, conservation groups, and private entrepreneurs.


Employing a value-oriented approach, TRG seeks to invest in attractively priced farmland where productivity can be improved and returns enhanced through the addition of capital, optimizing the mix of activities on the farm and achieving scale. We target investments in both row and permanent cropland, as well as in livestock. As with TRG’s timber investments, we focus on agricultural properties in lower-risk geographies where commercial agriculture is well-developed and good title, high-quality management, and adequate infrastructure are available. As we invest in agriculture globally, we seek to leverage our timber operations and long-standing relationships with property managers and other local service providers in each region.

Properties are either leased to local farmers for a stable cash rent, directly operated where TRG assumes yield and price risk, or some combination of approaches where both TRG and the operator share in upside and downside potential. Because of the business’s long experience in timber investing, we believe we can find value in mixed use properties by optimizing land use between timber and agricultural operations. As in our timber operations, we are opportunistic buyers and sellers, and we currently have farm investments in Australia, New Zealand, South America and the U.S.

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1 On December 15, 2017, TRG Management LP acquired the business of GMO Renewable Resources, LLC.

Carbon Capture of TRG Forests

Metric tonnes captured since December 15, 2017

The carbon capture amount displayed above is an unaudited estimate, calculated by The Rohatyn Group, and is for informational purposes only. It should not be relied upon in any fashion. The calculation uses mean annual increment (“MAI”) as a proxy for sequestration and is subject to variation depending on the usual range of site and climatic factors. Further information on our methodology is available upon request.