Investment Strategies

TRG is an ideal partner for long term allocations to emerging markets

When considering an allocation to emerging markets, investors are usually seeking to capture the positive growth differential that emerging markets have exhibited compared to developed markets over the long-term. Focusing solely on growth beta, however, is a missed opportunity.

TRG’s multi-product line construct is designed to support information flow and business efficiency, creating synergies across strategies that enhance overall performance. The Firm leverages these resources to offer investors both traditional forms of exposure to emerging markets as well as customized solutions in the form of bespoke mandates or separately managed accounts.

Private Markets

Our Private Markets strategies encompass private equity, private credit, forestry, farmland, infrastructure and clean energy. TRG’s private equity funds have deployed capital in over 30 countries across Latin America, Central Europe, the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, Central Asia, India and Asia Pacific since 20051.

1Includes TRG Growth Fund I, TRG Growth Fund II, TRG Growth Fund co-investments, TRG Special Opportunity Fund, TRG Africa Fund and TRG Latin America Private Equity Fund.

Public Markets

Our Public Markets strategies encompass fixed income, currencies and equities as well as macro strategies. The Firm’s public markets team, which regularly trades in 25 emerging markets in addition to several other countries on an opportunistic basis, adds an additional layer of knowledge from which the Private Markets team draws information, particularly regarding currency and macroeconomic dynamics.


TRG has a long track record of leveraging and combining various areas of firm expertise to create solutions that meet specific investor needs. Capabilities in both public and private markets facilitate emerging market allocations that can evolve over time as the opportunity set changes and investor needs shift. Extensive structuring expertise allows for optimized return profiles, while mitigating downside operational and legal risks. Beyond products, TRG views its investors as partners and seeks to enhance their product knowledge and comfort with emerging markets investment opportunities.