About Us

TRG is an ideal partner for long term allocations to emerging markets

TRG Management LP (“TRG” or the “Firm”), also known as The Rohatyn Group, was founded by Nicolas Rohatyn in 2002.

After building JP Morgan’s emerging markets business, Mr. Rohatyn and the Firm’s other founding partners saw an opportunity to leverage their unique combination of knowledge, skills and contacts to provide specialized expertise in emerging markets. The Firm has since grown from a single hedge fund to a fully diversified asset manager.

The Firm has a presence in 18 cities globally.

The New York and Singapore offices have full trading capabilities and operations desks, providing 24-hour market coverage.  The Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, London, Seoul, São Paulo, Lima, Mexico City, New Delhi and Mumbai offices are primarily used for private equity and credit deal sourcing, due diligence and portfolio company management.  The Boston, Rotorua (New Zealand) and Montevideo offices are focused forestry and farmland investment strategies.  The Montevideo office also houses certain of the firm’s accounting functions. The Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta offices were established and are managed by 60%-owned Southeast Asian infrastructure subsidiary Capital Advisors Partners Asia Sdn Bhd (“CapAsia”).

TRG has adopted the institutional best practices of large financial companies, at which many of our employees spent much of their careers, while embracing the nimbleness of a boutique firm.

Our asset management services are supported by a robust business management platform with expertise in legal and compliance, global operations and custody, risk management, marketing, investor relations and information technology, allowing the investment teams to focus on core activities. TRG and its international affiliates are registered with a number of regulatory agencies including the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Hong Kong Securities & Futures Commission, the Monetary Authority of Singapore and the UK Financial Conduct Authority. Additionally, our institutional approach meets several industry best practice standards including those of the Standards Board for Alternative Investments.

TRG’s culture is characterized by four core traits:

  • Collegial and respectful: The Firm operates in an open environment that encourages participation and sharing of ideas.
  • Emphasis on teamwork: Cross-functional meetings and incentive schemes reinforce teamwork.
  • International: TRG staff originates from over 20 countries and speaks more than 20 different languages.
  • Transparent: Management communicates to investors on a regular basis through fund updates, white papers and client meetings. Team meetings and a policy of partner accessibility encourages interaction and dialogue amongst employees.

The majority of the Firm is indirectly owned by its Partners. Three strategic investors based in Asia own the balance.